April 2-3, 2014
Los Angeles Union Station
Report & Photos by Carl Morrison

These are interesting times for passenger rail development in California. With the formation of the new California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), California is on the verge of significant enhancements to the passenger rail system. The modernization and integration of the passenger rail services that is being led by CalSTA and the Federal Railroad Administration, working with transportation agencies throughout the state, are creating an environment of investment in passenger rail infrastructure that has been unparalleled in recent years and will continue to grow.

Join us as we meet with leaders in the industry for two days of discussion regarding the modernization and integration of passenger rail service in California. Speakers will discuss funding, development, and strategic approaches to the growth of passenger rail in the state. Joining us at this event will be state and federal representatives, passenger rail agencies, and other leaders working together to shape the future of passenger rail.

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Karen Hedlund, Deputy Administrator, FRA

Yvonne Burke, Director, Amtrak Board

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